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  • Davison Highley Buzz 4Davison Highley Buzz 3


    A versatile modular system, Buzz can be arranged and linked into a huge variety of shapes. Featuring straight, inward and outward facing curved units and the ability to add arms on to ends, Buzz is one of our most versatile designs. In addition, Buzz can be altered to accommodate any curve, fit any angled corner, or be built to any radius as a special order. You may recognize Buzz from several television shows and local news programs.

    • Modular soft seating.
    • Suitable for public, breakout and reception areas.
    • Inward and outward facing curves.
    • Linking system.
    • Solid aluminum feet.
    • Seat and back constructed from engineered layers of CMHR foam.
    • This design can be tailored on request.

    • Upholstery finishes are available from our fabric, faux leather and leather bands.
    • Supplied on cylindrical solid aluminum legs in either polished, brushed or black powder coated finish or tapered.
    • Solid aluminum legs in either polished or brushed finish.
    • As a modular design please supply a drawing of the intended layout with the order.
    • Fabric meters refers to plain not patterned fabrics with a width of 1300mm.
    • Options to tailor this design to your specification.
    • Supplied with linking system.
    • Scatter cushions are available as an optional extra.

    • 760mm x 30″ d x 810mm x 32″ h
    • 760mm x 30″ d x 450mm x 18″ h
    • 650mm x 25.5″ w Buzz 1 seater without back
    • 650mm x 25.5″ w Buzz 1 seater with back
    • 1300mm x 51″ w Buzz 2 seater without back
    • 1300mm x 51″ w Buzz 2 seater with back
    • 110mm x 4″ w x 520mm x 20.5″ h
    • 730mm x 29″ w Buzz arm end left
    • 730mm x 29″ w Buzz arm end right
    • 850mm x 33.5″ diameter
    • 775mm x 30.5″ w /490mm x 19″ w Buzz 1 seater curve without back
    • 775mm x 30.5″ w /490mm x 19″ w Buzz 1 seater inward curve with back
    • 490mm x 19″ w / 775mm x 30.5″ w Buzz 1 seater outward curve with back
    • 1520mm x 60″ w / 960mm x 38″ w Buzz 2 seater curve without back
    • 1520mm x 60″ w / 960mm x 38″ w Buzz 2 seater curve inward with back
    • 960mm x 38″ w / 1520mm x 60″ w Buzz 2 seater outward curve with back

    5 Year Full Commercial Warranty

    Lead Time
    10 – 14 Weeks

  • JAZZ Silent Box 1JAZZ Silent Box 2

    JAZZ Silent Box

    Designers Christina Strand and Niels Hvass

    A private and quiet space for meetings

    JAZZ Silent Box is a quiet place of retreat in your office environment designed for meetings, brainstorming, individual work or relaxation. JAZZ Silent Box is made of special sound-absorbing material which delivers class C sound absorption.

    Silent Box option with a table and a monitor holder will enable you to work on your computer conveniently and to display visual information on the screen during meetings. You can choose only an acoustic carcass, and customize the interior space to suit your specific needs.

    • Suitable for different spaces of various types and sizes due to high-back option which will provide you with more privacy and acoustic comfort.
    • Variety of fabrics, colours and the possibility to combine will help you to set the tone for your office. Seat and backrest cushions can be easily removed and swapped places.

    • Integrated table with or without integrated double power socket.
    • Armrest with two power sockets.
    • MOBI or other coffee tables.

    • See brochure attached for model details

    5 Years

    Lead Time
    12 – 16 Weeks

  • 01 Estel Acoustic Solutions Kite Phone Booth02 Estel Acoustic Solutions Kite Phone Booth

    Kite Phone Booth

    Design Jorge Pensi

    Phone Booth is a wall-mounted element, with the function of privacy screen. It can be used in different contexts, from open-space offices, to common areas, to all those spaces – not only workplaces – where there’s a request for a place to make phone calls in privacy conditions, and without disturbing other people. The structure is made of plywood panels. The constructive elements are individually upholstered. For upholstery, the full range of «Sprint» stretch textile is available. The writing table is made of laminated wood panel. Phone Booth is supplied as a mounting kit, final mounting has to be done by the customer. Phone Booth is available with circular or square front panel. Phone Booth gives its contribution to the sound absorbing function inside the room in which it is installed, given its specific characteristics, which help in cutting the reverb of sound waves.

    5 Year Full Commercial Warranty

    Lead Time
    10 – 12 Weeks

  • My SpaceMy Space 1

    My Space Desking

    A workspace that helps you escape from the office noise

    We offer universal acoustic furniture for structuring office spaces. MY SPACE provides the user with creative freedom and serves two functions at a time: absorbs sound and designate work areas. Acoustic screens are filled with special acoustic sound-absorbing foam and can be upholstered with a fabric of your choice. Use a variety of colour combinations not only to create separate spaces but also to arrange workstations in groups.

    MY SPACE Desking option features an integrated desktop, whereas MY SPACE are free-standing screens which you can use for arranging desired compositions or combine them with our electric height adjustable or fixed height desks.

    • Acoustic Fire Retardant Screens
    • From a variety of desktops and textures you can choose a solution that suits your needs – with a cut-out for grommet or with a cut-out (scallop) for wire management.
    • Bench desks can be easily adapted to the office dynamics by using supplementary units to increase the number of workplaces.

    • See brochure attached for model details

    5 Years

    Lead Time
    12 – 16 Weeks

  • Phone booth

    Phone Booth

    Australian Made – Acoustic Phone Booth with shelf

    Phone booth can be side mounted or traditional mount.

    Can be made to suit with your fabric choice.

    800W x 800H x 620D

    Lead Time
    4 – 6 Weeks

    3 Years

  • TANGO Lounge 2Tango Highback 1

    TANGO Lounge

    With its visually striking Scandinavian design, this soft seating family is perfect for modern offices that exude a chic vibe and looks just as nicely in traditional office spaces. Like the tango dance itself, it has expressive character, provides improvisational freedom and comes in different style variations.

    Designed by Christina Strand and Niels Hvass